Cécile amey

Artiste Peintre ///// Painter
Mixed Media

I am passionnate about PORTRAITS.I am inspired by everyday life little pleasures. Those obvious proofs of shared love, all together evanescent and magical, I like to imagine them as bubbly and nostalgic, genuine but slightly punkish. And it is how I draw them.


I am deeply influenced by my childhood, but also by my immersion in a number of cultures during my studies. As a child, I lived in Zambia where I imprinted my retina and my imagination with powerful, joyful colours, bright sunshine, songs and smiles. It was the death of my father that brought us back to Nantes, in the West part of France, to my mother's family. There, I learned all about painting, watercolours and graphic design from my grandfather, a great doctor but above all a sublime watercolourist.
In this very bohemian family, where everyone went about their passions, I grew up creating an strong imaginary world, and a very personal spirit (!). If art was part of our universe, it had to remain an "occupation". In our bourgeois family, one had to work, to earn a living. So I studied medicine, and then turned to applied linguistics. I taught at several universities in Rome and then in London. I worked in advertising back in France. And in the middle of all this, I developed my identity as an artist. Without access to an art school, I embarked on a journey of self-discipline and self-discovery to achieve my goal of becoming a self-taught artist.
Watercolour, painting, pen drawing or on ceramics… All suit me, all seduce me. However, I mainly draw with a graphic palette. My style is close to line drawing and watercolour. I like to come back to my portraits with different mediums, adding layer after layer of paints, pastels, etc. like a juxtaposition of emotions, a collage of sensations.In parallel to my personal work, I draw on commission. Intimate and family portraits that feed my imagination.Through my work, I try to capture moments of intimacy, a bridge between the intimate and the gaze of the other. Whatever the origin or culture of the people depicted, the dialogue is the same. I am firmly convinced that a whole range of unique experiences is hidden behind each silent glance. I seek to facilitate interaction between my work and the viewer through the use of colour and emotion, in line with narrative figuration. My aim is to create a visually poetic work, inspired by the small pleasures of everyday life. I like to imagine these fleeting moments, magical and insignificant at the same time, these evidences of shared love and joy of living, between sparkle and nostalgia, candid but also a little offbeat.I want to create an interactive experience in which the viewer is forced to reflect on possibilities that are probably a reflection of his or her own experiences.



(Acrylics, Digital Printing and Dry Pastels on Old Book Page)
18 x 27 cm


Do not hesitate to send me an email. I loOove talking to the people that like my work (!)
I am open to any artistic collaboration projects (or other type of projects, just try ;-)

QU'ARTIERS 2022 _____ 6 => 21 MAI 2022

Le dépanneur du coin welcomes la belette rose. La belette rose exhibits her works at the dépanneur du coin. Because culture can as much be part of everyday life as a honeypot!Le Dépanneur du coin // Grocery shop 36 rue Jenny Lépreux, 33000 Bordeaux www.ledepanneurducoin.fr
Free entry while shopping (or not!)
You can also buy one of these works without going to the shop, by sending me an email!

Collective exhibition // PRINTEMPS DE ST AUGUSTIN 2022 _____ 17 => 22 MAI 2022

The collective art exhibition in the Saint Augustin district of Bordeaux is first and foremost a meeting:
- A meeting between amateur and professional artists from the district, between art lovers or just art curious.
- A meeting between inhabitants of the district, whatever generations.
It is an part of the Spring Festival organised by the association Cœur de Saint Aug'.*You can buy one of these works by contacting me by email after the exhibition (if it is not already sold)!

It is the representation of feminism that we want to pass on to our daughters. Daily, without violence, joyful and honest, it is in line with works such as (among others, of course) the sublime documentary Delphine et Carole, insoumuses, tracing with panache the friendship between Delphine Seyrig and Carole Roussopoulos, two women activists, precious in the feminist struggle of the 1970s, Herstory, Histoire(s) des féminismes, by the journalist Marie Kirschen or Clarence Edgard-Rosa's joyful and uncomplicated Abécédaire du féminisme.Sale at the exhibition

Here, multiplication represents the reality of femininity. Multiple, divided by our cultural construction, opposed by society's insistence on seeing us through the prism of our physicality, but also multiple in our expectations and demands of life.
Contrary to Andy Warhol, who saw in the multiplication of the image a link with death, since the repetition of the figure refers for him to its extinction; here I place the reality of the collective.
The more numerous we are in the joyfully fight against sexism and other misogyny, the sooner we will move on to something else: happiness, for example!
Sale at the exhibition